Professional headshots for all.

Professional headshots for all.

Chances are, you are looking for a professional headshot that embodies your personality. Something that modernizes your LinkedIn profile. A headshot that matches the role you have or sets you up for the one you desire. You want to connect with others on a different level.

You have come to the right place.

Great headshots take you places.

Building beneficial, long-lasting personal and business relationships start with a connection. First impressions often determine what direction those connections go.

Focusing on the little details
of a professional headshot.

As your headshot specialist, you can leave the small stuff to me. By combining the features and angles you were born with along with some authentic expressions, your confident eyes and genuine smiles will take you many miles. It’s pure poetry.

Your hair part matters.

Whether your hair is short, long, or gone, we are going to use it to our advantage to search out your best angles.

Wide-eyed was never a good look.

Make sure your eyes are singing all the right notes. People often determine if you are friend or foe in a first impression just by looking at your eyes.

Cheesy grins add zero energy.

Leave the elementary school smiles in elementary school. Layering a confident look from your eyes and adding in a friendly and approachable smile that is unique to you equals a fantastic headshot.

Techniques that highlight you.

Your expression is a large piece of the headshot puzzle, but getting you on all the right angles while using simple techniques to accentuate your features will ensure you are headshot-ready. It’s a master class on looking amazing.

Awesome clients speak volumes.


“Ian was very easy to work with. He arrived at our office early, set up his studio in our conference room, and took amazing headshots of myself and my other employees. As our company grew in size, he accommodated us by allowing us to send new hires to his studio.  As we continue to expand, Ian is taking headshots of our new employees.” | More


“In my photo, I look professional, assertive and approachable. I now have a great photo to use at work, on my resume, and in my professional social networks. I am so glad that I now have this professional image and would highly recommend Ian Johns to anyone else looking for a professional headshot.” | More


“If you are looking for a professional photographer who can combine the artistic and technical aspects of photography, who can create a space that is judgment free and full of trust, who clearly was meant to capture images of the world, then choose Ian Johns. You will NOT regret it.” | More


My name is Ian (obviously).

“If you would rather have teeth pulled than get a headshot, I am here to ease your fears. I have perfected a system that will make your headshots stop people in their tracks. From the moment we connect until you’re delivered the goods, my refined headshot experience will leave you walking with an extra bounce in your step. Wear comfortable shoes.”

When is the last time you loved a professional headshot?

Most people never have. Why? Bad hair day. Tired. Blank expressions. Questionable clothing choices. Only had three minutes to get the shot, with no direction from the photographer. The list goes on. What if I told you all of these issues could be resolved in front of my camera?

It’s totally true.

Let’s solve problems for free.

I bet that got your attention. I am confident that my downloadable tips sheet will resolve many of those issues. The devil is in the details and you have found a headshot photographer who knows how to prepare for them.

I can help take care of the rest.

There is a saying in the headshot business, “Let me be your mirror.” What you think looks great in front of the camera usually isn’t a good look at all. Allow me to get you dialed in with your best angles, expressions and overall vibe.

Google perfection.

“Ian is way beyond photographer, which is part of the magic behind his incredible photos.”

“Ian has a passion for what he does and it shows in every interaction during a shoot.”

“I never thought the experience of having a headshot could be both educational and fun.”

Two types of headshot services.

Individual professional headshot sessions are an incredible experience, and I love packing things up and taking the show on the road, too. Tons of convenience and a full headshot studio right in your backyard with group corporate headshots.

Professional headshots for individuals.

Let’s work together on a headshot that will elevate your personal brand. Throw all of your past headshot experiences out of the window and get ready for a seriously fun studio session. Amazing has never been so close. | Learn More

Group headshots for your office.

Experience scheduling bliss by bringing the studio to your office. It’s an efficient way to introduce consistency and a modern look to your executive team or your entire employee directory all in one swoop. | Learn More

You keep talking about this experience.

Sessions with me are a two-way street. Throughout our time together – before, during, and after your session – you will have plenty of say in the direction we go. This is your headshot we’re talking about here.

1 | Prior to your session.

It’s the old grade school saying, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” Great headshots happen when you’re comfortable with the process. Read more about headshot session preparation that will put you well ahead of the curve.

2 | Take pictures.

Sounds simple, right? Actually, it really is. Beyond taking photos, there are a number of other session features that will get you squared away. You will soon see just how easy this headshot thing can be.

3 | Image reviews.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Throughout your session, we will pause to review your images on a computer. This is where you’ll see my simple headshot techniques in action as we work towards your perfect headshot.

4 | You’ve got mail.

The other half of the headshot magic happens after your session. Upon selecting your winners, they will be professionally retouched and made ready for primetime. Your headshot game will be unstoppable.


Go the extra mile on your headshots, Boston.

You’ve worked hard building your career. It began with a college degree. Then you worked nights, weekends, holidays and over vacations. You racked up serious frequent flyer miles. You’ve started companies, changed jobs or chased a different path. You desire to be the best. So after all of that, why cheapen out with a mediocre headshot that does you no good? 

For those searching for headshots near Boston,
Ian Johns Photography is here to help.