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About Us (You & Me)

Welcome to Easy Street.
Simplifying your headshot experience is what I do.

A clear path forward. Consistently great results. Expert guidance. Getting five-star attention is built into the foundation of Ian Johns Photography, where peace of mind welcomes you at the door.

It's in my DNA to make sure you're taken care of.

Like Nostradamus, you'll know what's coming next.

With tons of real-world experience outside of the photography industry, you’ll get a customer experience worth raving about.

From Point A to Point B, with all the fun in between.

Think of me as your headshot GPS. My world-class headshot training and insane attention to detail will get the results you desire.

Tons of experience means less fiddling and more doing.

Thousands of hours with my equipment means you’re spending less time watching me toy with gear and more time scoring incredible headshots.

Your headshot session is just part of the equation.

Your curated experience doesn’t stop the moment you walk away from the studio. Be kept in the loop through image delivery and beyond.

Get ready to experience that walking-on-air feeling.

Once you see what you’re capable of, you’ll walk away from the studio with a whole new feeling about yourself.

Receive five-star attention all day and all the way.

From pre-session tips to post-shoot guidance, you will have a great teammate on this headshot journey.

Watching clients flourish is why I do this. Providing you with headshots that help tell your story is icing on the cake. Mmm, cake.

Why headshots?

Trusted by hundreds of
individuals and companies alike.


A bit about me.
I wasn't always a headshot photographer.

Born in Fremont, Ohio, I’ve also lived in Michigan, North Carolina, and the Bronx. I have worked in retail, was once robbed as a bank teller, and spent a stint working for the New York Yankees and Major League Baseball. It’s been a ride so far.

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