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Why headshots?

The modern headshot artfully builds upon the personal and professional brands you’ve worked hard to establish. They capture your personality in all its authenticity, therefore projecting a reactive expression that helps tell your story.

Headshots that simply do more.

The days where headshots started and ended with LinkedIn are long gone. Kaput. Done. Now there are countless places with endless uses that lead to infinite possibilities. And that's a cool thing.

To infinity and beyond.

The list below is merely a smattering of examples where you can show off your new headshots. With the world constantly evolving, the possibilities are truly becoming endless!

Company websites, intranets, and directories

Online business listings

About Us pages

E-mail signatures

Social media accounts

Networking opportunities

Marketing materials

Career bios and profiles

Video and podcasting

Television, magazines, and newspapers

Press releases

Business cards and brochures

Resumes and CVs


Guest blogging

Speaking engagements

Conference keynotes and expert panels

Digital and direct mailing

Branding and reputation management

Personal websites

Consultant businesses

Dating apps

Your phone

And much more!

Minimize distractions. Maximize real estate.

Popping text or graphics into your headshot’s blank space is the ultimate way to maximize real estate and get noticed without all of the background distractions.

Headshot example with a logo in the blank space

Headshots with logos.

It's not just company logos. Imagine yourself opening up your own gig someday, or consulting professionally where you're launching your own brand.
Headshot example with text in the blank space

Headshots with text.

Without all of the background distractions, make your name, field of expertise, or informational lists pop and garner the attention it deserves.
Headshot example where a quote is in the blank space

Headshots with quotes.

Get your words out there while capturing the attention of your audience with headshots at the center of your personal brand strategy.
Headshot example as the opening title on a slide deck

Headshots on slides.

Perfect for delivering those big keynotes or integrating your headshots into the slide decks that anchor your carefully crafted sales processes.

Capturing you in your purest form.

Headshots don't have to be this awkward, overly complicated experience where you walk away frustrated. Mute the complexities and just be yourself. You'll soon discover just how great you are in front of the camera.

Two tricks to paradise.

The list below is merely a smattering of examples where you can show off your new headshots. With the world constantly evolving, the possibilities are truly becoming endless!

Rock your jawline

Chisel up your facial features so you look your best while flashing an expression that captures the imagination.

Look poised

Learn one simple move that makes you look refreshingly engaging and stops people in their tracks.

Vibe check. Off the charts.

Another secret to great headshots? We'll use good ol' fashioned conversation to capture a range of reactive emotions that are true to who you really are. It's all about getting headshots that make it seem like there wasn't a camera in the room.

Did you know?

The human face uses 43 different muscles making it capable of displaying 7 different emotions and over 10,000 different types of expressions. Holy smokes.

They're angling for something.

Accentuate your best features with subtle angling that will ensure the signals you're sending out are singing all the right notes. It's a master class on looking super cool.

young television actress smiles confidently with her head slightly turned in a yellow sleeveless top for an acting headshot
young female doctor flashes an engaging candid smile for her personal branding headshot
young man with a candid reactive smile in an acting headshot

Headshot library.
Have an answer for everything.

Having a variety of amazing headshots at your fingertips makes showing off your images less of a thinking game and more of a doing game. How is it possible that new headshots can make you more productive?

Watch your mouth.

All smiles

The expression that will draw anyone into your vibe. Smooth and approachable, this is the Swiss Army knife of headshots because it can be used anywhere.

Subtle approachability

Occasionally, large grins aren't the best for the moment. Enter the subtle smile, which brings hints of friendliness and delivers big on confidence.

Total confidence

Sometimes you have to "read the room" and use a serious look. If your image is being shown alongside content that's weighty in tone, this expression nails it.

Background. Check.


The white background is your co-star, working with your energetic expression to convey a bright and airy feel that is natural and modern.

Medium gray

Increasingly popular, the medium gray background steps back into a supporting role while your expressions take center stage.


When you need the spotlight, charcoal delivers in spades. The dark background allows your clothing to frame your reactive expressions.


Adding a touch of color has become all the rage in this fun offering. It brings tons of variety and uniqueness into your headshots.

Great headshots make you feel really cool.

Investing in your own image is the ultimate compliment to yourself. Just think when others take notice. When done right, headshots will plop you comfortably on cloud nine and the joys of having new images can come from all directions.

Shaping the right identity with our audiences.

With a variety of headshots at your disposal, you'll be able to "read the room" with your audience and put forth the right looks and expressions that form positive public opinion.

Positive personal identity starts from within.

Having images of ourselves that are confident and approachable gives us easy entry into a "positive feedback loop" that's key to propelling us forward in our personal lives and careers.

The crowd goes wild!

Profile photos get some of the most positive engagement out of all posts on social media, with over one-third more reactions than posts with other types of photographs.

Attention grabber.

Connect with others by looking at the camera with confidence and intent. People will naturally be pulled into your orbit. This is something that has stood the test of time.

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