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Booking Your Headshot Experience

If you’re ready to begin booking your headshot session, please contact me by phone or by e-mail, or use the form on this page.

Phone: (617) 615-9295
E-mail: [email protected]

Please list a possible date where you’d like to schedule a session. If you do not have a specific date in mind, put the time frame you would like to have your headshot done in the message body of the form.

Note: The length of a session depends on the type of package you choose and the unique variables each carries. Firm time limits are never imposed – we will shoot until we get some amazing stuff. The package timings are guidelines on how long that type of session should run.

Questions Before Your Headshot Session?

This mini FAQ only pertains to some pre-shoot questions during the booking process. If you have other thoughts or questions regarding the headshot experience, my shooting and retouching style, or a variety of other things please visit my full FAQ page for more!

The idea of getting my picture taken makes me nervous. How will this be different? 2016-11-21T16:32:46+00:00

The hunk of plastic, metal and glass that I work with can really cause fits for many, including me, but I will work very hard to put you at ease right from our initial contact. I like to create a free-flowing environment during a headshot session so that your true personality comes across in your images. If you need a voice of reassurance prior to arriving for your session, please don’t hesitate to give me a call to go over anything you might have questions about.

Do I need to make an appointment? 2018-01-23T13:05:52+00:00

Yes. Scheduling an appointment ensures that you get the complete experience that you’re investing in. If you’re in need of something right away, please contact me to see about available slots in the short term and I will do my best to accommodate your request!

Is a deposit required for my session? 2018-01-23T13:12:54+00:00

Yes. The full session fee is due at the time of booking and will serve as your non-refundable deposit to reserve your session’s date and time slot.

What does “look” mean in your package descriptions? 2016-11-21T16:30:17+00:00

A ‘look’ simply means clothing changes, like if you change a top or a shirt. For looks that involve a suit jacket, tie and shirt, I consider it one single look (with three options) if we shoot with all three components, and then shoot some without the tie, and finish the look out by losing the jacket. Changing any of those things out for something different is a new look.

How do I book a session? 2016-11-21T16:27:03+00:00

Please contact me by phone, e-mail or through this website to book your session.

What if I cancel my session? 2016-11-21T16:34:48+00:00

If you cancel your session beyond a 48-hour period, you will have 30 days from the time of cancellation to reschedule your appointment without the need for an additional fee. After the 30-day window passes, any rescheduling will require a new session fee. Important: If you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment or are a no-call/no-show, any rescheduling will require a new session fee.

How do I prepare for my session? 2017-01-15T02:46:53+00:00

A few quick tips to help you prepare for your session in the days ahead:

  • Try and get a good night of sleep.
  • Eat before your session. Bring snacks if you’d like.
  • Make sure you’re hydrated several days in advance. It makes your skin look fantastic.
  • Come into your session with the mindset of having a good time. I will do my best to guide you through the process, coaching you along the way and helping you review your images, but we’re a team when it comes to getting the best headshot you’ve ever had.

Please see my headshot session page for further details on clothing, hair, jewelry and makeup.

How should I wear my hair? 2016-11-21T16:34:05+00:00

For men and women, please make sure your hair is ready in the way that you would normally like to present yourself and, if you would like, bring any of your products with you that you may need during the shoot, including hair ties since there is a chance you will have a ponytail at some point.

How should I handle facial hair? 2016-11-21T16:33:50+00:00

Think long term on this one. If you normally run without facial hair and plan to continue doing so, please arrive clean shaven. If you sometimes bounce back and forth between facial hair and clean shaven, arrive with your facial hair as you’d normally wear it (properly groomed) and then in the second half of the session we will have you shave to get a bunch of shots with a clean look. Try to use a new razor when shaving as it will help leave your skin in the best condition possible. Electric shavers tend to cause red spots and leave stubble.

How should I wear my makeup? 2016-11-21T16:33:29+00:00

Men: Please don’t wear makeup. Bring lip balm and moisturizer if anything. Women: Begin with a clean palette — cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your face on the day of our shoot. Don’t overdo your foundation. Avoid using anything that has SPF protection in it as it’ll make you look washed out under flash photography due to reflected light. Your basic daily use of mascara (as long as it’s not underneath your eyes), blush and shadow should be fine (nothing wild), and stay away from smokey eyes. Make sure anything that goes on your lips isn’t shiny and reflective.

Can I wear jewelry? 2016-11-21T16:33:00+00:00

Our goal is to get a clean, timeless look in your headshot, so I don’t recommend wearing any jewelry. Not only can jewelry date a photo faster than a haircut, but it tends to show up extremely bright in an image which can steal attention away from your eyes. Exceptions can be made, such as studs on your ears, but I highly recommend going against wearing necklaces and anything that dangles from your ears.

What types of clothing should I wear? 2016-11-21T16:33:14+00:00

Since we are dealing primarily with headshots, we only need to worry about tops/shirts, so please bring at least 6-8 options to choose from. We can’t shoot it if you don’t bring it, so if you’re unsure if it’ll work, bring it anyway! Make sure the tops are comfortable, and don’t limit your choices to the current season. Colors are more of a visual thing, so bring a variety that we can choose from. You will want to stay away from anything with heavy patterns and logos. We need the focus to remain on your eyes, not your threads.