Bring the cool factor to
your corporate headshots.

Bring the cool factor to
your corporate headshots.

Unique personalities fill your company. Make each person shine and bring the headshot studio to you. Say goodbye to tons of appointments and commute times. The only traffic jam you will need to worry about is the one at the coffee maker.

Consistency comes to your company headshots.

Your company’s foundation follows a consistent message. Apply that same tactic to your employee headshots with a clean, modern look.

Authentic faces.

Unique personalities are everywhere in your business. Show constituents your genuine authenticity and put those expressions on full display in your headshots.

Timeless places.

Eliminate the background clutter and bring total consistency to every headshot with a white or gray background. Anytime. Anywhere.


The benefits are clear.

Focus: The simplicity of a white or gray background focuses on the person’s genuine expression and not on the plants or bookshelves behind them. A solid backdrop looks incredible on newsfeeds and presentation slides, too.

Versatile: Backgrounds with solid colors are easily expandable for limitless crop format possibilities. That is a hidden gem when it comes to using solid backgrounds. Your design team will thank you.

Duplicate: Newcomers to your company can get the same headshot at my studio as part of Ian Johns Photography’s discount onboarding program. Make sure those new headshots look like the ones we took months before at your office.

A modern photo studio
steps from your desk.

Some photographers water down their lighting and equipment when going out to a location, sacrificing consistency and quality. Luckily, I’m not one of them. All of my gear comes with me to get the job done right the first time.

Be connected.

My camera is hooked up to a computer, so throughout each session, we will be able to immediately see the amazing results and make selections on the spot.

Specialized Lighting.

The headshot studio lighting has a window of light that will bring out the glow in everyone. Let those expressions shine.

Studio to you.

My full studio requires a relatively small footprint, so I’m able to stay out of your way in a conference room or multi-use space while you do business.

No gear is left behind.

The equipment used in my studio gets used in your office, which means the images we score at your location will mirror those taken during individual sessions in my studio.

Headshots for tomorrow.

Your company is evolving, so what better way to show off that growth and maintain brand consistency than to receive continued support from the person who understands your headshots best with Ian Johns Photography’s onboarding program. Save that corner office for somebody else.

It’s like having a headshot photographer on your staff:

Stay fresh all year long: Keep your directory and website consistent throughout the year with individual headshot sessions at the studio of Ian Johns Photography. Since I use the same gear at home and on the road, you can be sure your new headshots will match all the others.

Exclusivity at a discount: Since we already worked together at your office’s location, get access to a special session rate when booking current or new employees for the Express package. Receive all the bells and whistles the Express offers, along with the same great experience at a reduced price.

Schedule with ease: Enjoy your very own live-scheduling page on my website so everyone can book quickly and get back to doing what they do best.

Fast turnaround times: Come out to the studio, shoot, select the winning image, and get a headshot that is ready for primetime in about 3-5 business days.

Happy people say the greatest things.


“Ian made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed, which helped to capture their natural personalities in the photographs. His tips and tricks garnered from his years of experience also helped to bring out the best in people.”

– Judy, Vice President of Marketing

“Photographs help to extend your brand and headshots are part of that brand extension.”

Double client satisfaction.

“Ian was wonderful to work with, very prompt and professional, while being extremely friendly and kind to coordinate with. Although I never met him in person as I am based in NY, my company received such positive feedback from our clients who reported back that Ian took extremely good care of them, and that his off-site setup, shoot and breakdown went seamlessly.”

“Our clients having a positive experience was what mattered most to us. 5 stars. Thank you, Ian!”

– Julia, The Vilcek Foundation

From offices.

“Ian was very easy to work with. He arrived at our office early, set up his studio in our conference room, and took amazing headshots of myself and my other employees. As our company grew in size, he accommodated us by allowing us to send new hires to his studio. As we continue to expand, Ian is taking headshots of our new employees. I will definitely continue to use Ian and would highly recommend him.”

– Adam, Founder & CEO

To conferences and events.

“Ian. Is. Incredible. We booked him for a conference, and from the first phone call I knew he was going to be the right guy for the job. Ian arrived at the venue on time, set up fast, and made shooting easy for a bunch of young employees who weren’t used to having headshots taken. He powered through 50 headshots in a day and I received the files that same week. Everyone loved the final result – we will 1000% be working with Ian again!”

– Kim, Executive Assistant

Let’s join forces.

Every company is different, especially when it comes to size. Save money with a headshot service tailored to your exact needs.  I customize all headshot bookings on a per-request basis. Tap the button below to receive a free custom proposal for your office session.

Time to find your magnifying glass.

Space requirements: A 12′ x 16′ space where furniture can be temporarily moved is appreciated. If you’re unsure about the available room, please drop me a line so we can discuss alternatives within your office environment.

Power needs: My lighting equipment and computer require access to AC power. Please ensure your areas of use have an available power outlet.

Turnaround times: I take pride in returning your high-quality retouched images as quickly as possible. Due to an ever-changing schedule along with differences in job sizes and scope, the turnaround times on your images may differ from others. We will lay out a plan upon booking which will be reviewed at the end of our shoot.

A note on retouching and images: Editing of your high-resolution images includes exposure and color temperature correction and the removal of minor skin blemishes and stray hairs. Additional retouched images are available at $75 per file. Each person will receive one headshot (unless otherwise noted on the project scope and booking invoice) totaling two files: 1 x 8×10 (full head) and 1 x square (full head) in web-ready resolution. Other crops and options are available. Session buyouts are only available with individual professional headshot packages and are not available on corporate headshot packages.

Payments and cancellations: Payment is due on or before the day of our office shoot via credit card or corporate check. Projects exceeding $5,000.00 in total value require a 50% deposit. In the event that net terms are required for your project per your non-negotiable company policy, no image will be released until payment is received in full. In the event you need to cancel or postpone your shoot date with less than 48 hours of notice, you will be billed a $500.00 cancellation/rescheduling fee.