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Bring the cool factor to
your corporate headshots.

Bring the cool factor to
your corporate headshots.

Your company is filled with unique personalities. Make each person shine and bring the headshot studio to you. Say goodbye to tons of appointments and commute times – just be sure to avoid that traffic jam at the coffee maker.

Studio to you.

Coming to a conference room or multi-use space near you. My full studio requires a relatively small footprint so I’m able to stay out of your way while you do business.

No gear is left behind.

The equipment used in my studio gets used in your office, which means the images we score at your location will mirror those taken during individual sessions in my studio.

It’s like having me on your staff.

Well, without the corner office and stock options anyway. Once we work together on a corporate headshot session in your office, you automatically become eligible for my new-hire program, keeping your directory fresh all year long at reduced session rates.

The key to consistency.

Ever send people to multiple photographers and receive images that all look different? Having me as your headshot photographer ensures consistency throughout your brand. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you will get predictable results. Every time.

Let’s join forces.

Every company is different, especially when it comes to size. In the interest of saving you money and offering a headshot service that is tailored to your exact needs, I customize all headshot bookings on a per-request basis. Tap the button below to receive a free custom proposal for your office session.

Headshots for the newly hired and promoted.

Headshots for the newly hired and promoted.

It happens all the time. Somebody gets hired or promoted and their profile is decorated with a photo of them standing against a wall between two ferns. Not a good look. The good news is you have a headshot photographer ready to help, all year long.

Flexible schedules.

When somebody is hired or promoted, drop me a line about setting up an Express session with your new rock star in my studio. Because I’m using the same gear, their headshot will look like the ones we took in your office.

Reduced rates.

Since we already worked together on an office headshot date, you will be eligible to take advantage of reduced rates off of my Express package. Cheaper rates, yes. Amazing experience, double yes.

Time to find your magnifying glass.

Time to find your magnifying glass.

Space requirements

A 12′ x 16′ space where furniture can be temporarily moved is appreciated. If you’re unsure about the available room, please drop me a line so we can discuss alternatives within your office environment.

Power needs

My lighting equipment and computer require access to AC power. Please ensure your areas of use have an available power outlet.

Turnaround times

I take pride in returning your high-quality retouched images as quickly as possible. Due to an ever-changing schedule along with differences in job sizes and scope, the turnaround times on your images may differ from others. We will lay out a plan upon booking which will be reviewed at the end of our shoot.

A note on retouching and images

Editing of your high-resolution images includes exposure and color temperature correction and the removal of minor skin blemishes and stray hairs. Additional retouched images are available at $75 per file. Each person will receive one headshot (unless otherwise noted on the booking invoice) totaling four files: 1 x 8×10 (full head), 1 x 8×10 cropped head, 1 x square (full head) and 1 x square (cropped head). Session buyouts are only available with individual professional headshot packages and are not available on corporate headshot packages.

Payment and cancellations

Payment is due on or before the day of our office shoot via credit card or corporate check. Projects exceeding $5,000.00 in total value require a 50% deposit. In the event that net terms are required for your project per your non-negotiable company policy, no image will be released until payment is received in full. In the event you need to cancel or postpone your shoot date with less than 48 hours of notice, you will be billed a $500.00 cancellation/rescheduling fee.