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Headshots for Individuals

Personified. Simplified.
Headshots designed just for you.

This is headshot photography that changes the game. With a focus on high-quality images and a studio experience that's fun, you'll have headshots that broadcast your personality and capture people's imaginations.

Prepare for your studio headshot session.

Every studio booking comes with super helpful tips to get you prepped to rock your session day.

Establish our checklist.

Get a perfect session plan. Less guesswork and more fun.

Lights, camera, wow.

With expert coaching and insanely easy-to-learn techniques, you'll be a pro in front of the camera in no time. Seriously.

Got you covered.

Clothing changes.

Forget about making wardrobe decisions at home. Bring your favorite looks to the studio where we will mix and match your best options for a library of headshots for any occasion.

No firm time limits.

Leave the anxiety of time limits to metered parking. Come in, relax, and get all the time needed to get your confidence flowing and your expressions glowing. This is headshot photography without the stress.


Lovely to meet hue.
Background colors for all occasions.

The timeless simplicity of a white or gray background brings a distraction-free look to your headshots. Add in the option of color and your headshots will have a unique pop that's easy on the eyes.

Monochrome simplicity.

From stunning white to striking charcoal, monochrome backgrounds are the backdrop to simplicity and elegance. It couldn't be any more black and white.

Gleam in color.

Complement your clothing, match your company’s colors, or show off your personal tastes. Mixing in a pop of color will bring fun to the headshot table.

Review the new you.
Image selection that sets new standards.

Selecting headshots for professional retouching has never been so immersive and fun. After we're finished capturing your magic, take an immersive trip through your session and pick all the right images. Expert guidance included.

That magical retouch.

Your purchased headshots receive expert professional retouching. Say goodbye to crazy flyaway hairs and blemishes, those new images will be primed for primetime.

How about a perk-me-up?

Get unlimited licensing to use your headshots anywhere. Receive popular crops to get up and running right out of the gate. Enjoy peace of mind with image archival in case file disaster strikes.

Headshots for Individuals

The headshot photography session that's designed for you.

$270 session fee +
$275 per image

No firm time limits

Unlimited clothing changes

Expert guidance throughout

Unparalleled session experience

Headshot preparation guide

Continued service and support

Headshots Lite

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The compact headshot session you'll instantly click with.

If your desire for a full session is there but available time isn't, get up and running with a new headshot quickly with a small session that packs a big punch.