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Uniquely You

Capturing your genuine expressions as they happen during a session is the icing on the cake for me when it comes to getting a great headshot – it’s bringing out the best in everyone.

A Quick Overview of What to Expect in Your Headshot Session

Some Important Things to Consider Before Your Shoot

Clothing: Since we are dealing primarily with headshots, we really only need to worry about tops/shirts, so please bring at least 6-8 options to choose from. We can’t shoot it if you don’t bring it, so if you’re unsure if it’ll work, bring it anyway! Make sure the tops are comfortable, and don’t limit your choices to the current season. Colors are more of a visual thing, so bring a variety that we can choose from. You will want to stay away from anything with heavy patterns and logos. We need the focus to remain on your eyes, not your threads.

Jewelry: You’ll also want to temporarily part ways with your jewelry. Exceptions can be made, but note that the exceptions generally deal with earrings (diamond studs or less). Our aim is to get a clean, timeless look with a great expression.

Makeup: Begin with a clean palette — cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your face on the day of our shoot. Please don’t overdo your foundation. Avoid using anything that has SPF protection in it as it’ll make you look washed out under flash photography due to reflected light. Your basic daily use of mascara (as long as it’s not underneath your eyes), blush and shadow should be fine (nothing wild), and stay away from smoky eyes. Make sure anything that goes on your lips isn’t shiny and reflective — remember, the focus is on your eyes, not your lips that have gone nuclear!

Hair – Women: Please make sure your hair is ready in the way that you would normally like to present yourself and, if you would like, bring any of your products with you that you may need during the shoot, including hair ties since there is a chance you will have a ponytail at some point. We won’t change things up much since hair is a personal preference thing, but it never hurts to be a little prepared.

Hair – Men: There isn’t much to go over on this one. All of the points outlined above apply here, although for those that often bounce between facial hair and clean cut, you might want to have your razor handy for a switch mid-shoot.